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The Power of Podcast for Storytelling


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September 29, 2021



This course has been developed for both students and professionals and is taught online, making it possible to participate from anywhere in the world. It is a Graduate Certificate (specialist) course and will assume participants have prior knowledge of storytelling.

The student is responsible for organizing their own learning program outside the formal teaching periods, though it is recommended that they schedule at least four hours of study each week, in equal amounts of time for preparation, participation, and completion.

It is expected that all participants in the course will attend both in-person and online workshops, participate in discussion forums, and complete weekly comprehension questions.

What Will I Learn?

  • The ability to improve one’s storytelling skills through understanding how the written word is transformed into audio format.
  • To learn how to create impactful, quality stories using podcast as a medium.
  • Creating an individualized and practical action plan to improve storytelling skills that suits your needs and environment.
  • An opportunity to meet and share ideas with a diverse group of both student and professional academics.

Topics for this course

16h 42m 39s

Introduction and overview of podcasting and storytelling?

This part of the course will include an introduction to podcasting and storytelling, as well as a deeper insight into the power of podcasts for storytelling.

Story structure and audio storytelling techniques?

You will learn how to structure your story, what storytelling techniques are most appropriate for audio storytelling, and how to effectively use them.

Writing for audio?

Writing for audio is a difficult job. You will be learning how to make the best use of language and sentence structures, and become more aware of audio description and sound design.

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his course is quite comprehensive when compared with other courses available on this platform that is why I bought it. It is packed full with amazing content and like the description, it did make me full stack web developer.

Hello people, I have purchase this course, This course is awesome.

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