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The Business Intelligence Analyst Course


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September 28, 2021



This course will teach you all you need to know about BI, from the basics of data, reporting, and analytics through to advanced topics like predictive analytics. You’ll learn how to apply BI to a real-life business case study.

BI – Business intelligence is the process of deriving meaning from data by analyzing and interpreting patterns and trends.

In this course, you’ll use a business case study as a framework to explore the full scope of BI.

Business Case Study – A comprehensive explanation of an issue and the actions and/or activities carried out to resolve this issue.

The course begins by introducing you to some common business cases, where BI comes into play, and the core concepts you need to understand.

You’ll be introduced to the design of data in BI solutions so that you can start asking the right questions about your own data.

You’ll also learn the fundamental concepts of reporting and analytics so that you have a clear idea of how to derive and present facts and data in a meaningful way.

The course also teaches you about visualizing your data in dashboards and other graphical tools.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to work with a database in order to report on queries and queries
  • How to use pivot tables to summarize data in a spreadsheet format
  • How to use different types of data visualizations, such as bar and line graphs
  • How to derive insights from your analytical results

Topics for this course

16h 52m 36s

Basic Data Concepts?

In this lesson, you'll explore the world of data and the differences between different types of data. You'll also learn about metadata and the different tools you can use to explore and understand data.

Business Case Study?

In this lesson, you'll look at a business case study and use it as a basis for your explorations of BI concepts.

Data Design and Modelling?

This lesson is where you'll start to get acquainted with the world of relational databases. You'll also look at the different types of database and when you should use each type.

Data Exploration and Reporting?

In this lesson, you'll learn how to explore the data in your databases to find answers for questions that people have.

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This is a very extensive and thorough course on web development taught by an excellent and passionate teacher. Angela explains difficult concepts in a simple way and actually takes the time to explain the code she writes

his course is quite comprehensive when compared with other courses available on this platform that is why I bought it. It is packed full with amazing content and like the description, it did make me full stack web developer.

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