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September 28, 2021



This course offers a complete overview of product management. It contains all the essential information you need to know in order to be able to make a career as a Product Manager.

All the lessons are given completely free and you can also get a certificate at no cost, without exams.

Why should you enroll in this course?

1. This course is designed to explain the concept of product management and what it takes to be a Product Manager in a simple manner without any technical jargon.

2. It is not necessary to buy any other book or pay anything to clear the course, you can learn everything at zero cost!

3. This course explains the concepts from the point of view of a Product Manager in a startup or a small company.

4. You can learn all aspects of Product Management, which are of practical use to anyone who is thinking of becoming a Product Manager or already working as one.

5. The lessons are presented in a practical manner and allow you to interact with the instructors.

6. In addition, I have created this course because I wanted to be a better Product Manager and found no such courses available.

What Will I Learn?

  • The skills you need to have in order to succeed in this career
  • How the role of a Product Manager is changing across different companies
  • How to get an edge over your competition
  • How you can land your first Product Manager job
  • All the skills required to excel in your job

Topics for this course

12h 32m 25s

What is Product Management?

This lesson gives you an overview of what product management actually is. We explain the meaning, importance, and impact of product management and we relate them to real life examples. We explain the functions of a Product Manager and how he or she interacts with other teams in a company, in a startup or in a small company.

How to Be a Good Product Manager?

In this lesson, we explain what is needed to be able make a successful career in product management. We go through the personal traits, knowledge and skills required for someone to be an effective Product Manager. We also give you some practical tips and tricks that we can use to be a better Product Manager.

10 Best Practices for Product Managers?

Do you know which are the most important aspects of product management? In this lesson, we summarize 10 best practices that can lead us to be better Product Managers. We will describe these practices and present good examples of how they can help us.

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This is a very extensive and thorough course on web development taught by an excellent and passionate teacher. Angela explains difficult concepts in a simple way and actually takes the time to explain the code she writes

This course is quite comprehensive when compared with other courses available on this platform that is why I bought it. It is packed full with amazing content and like the description, it did make me full stack web developer.

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