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Fundamentals of Music Theory


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September 28, 2021



This course on our learning platform is great for anyone who wants to learn the language of music. Music is all around us. We listen to it every day, but how do we talk about it?

Learn what all the notes are called and how they work together to create music! If you love singing, playing instruments like guitar or drums, or even creating dance mixes on your computer, this course will help you understand not only your favorite songs better, but the music around you.

Not only will you learn about notes, but also how they are represented on paper. You’ll understand what measures are, and the difference between a whole note, a half note, and a quarter note.

Even if you have no instruments in your home or your school, you can still learn to read and write music.

You’ll get a good look at the basics of beats and rhythms through the course. You’ll also learn about the different time signatures and why some songs have that distinctive ‘twist’ to them.

One of the most important lessons you will learn is how to read a treble clef. Using just one clef, you’ll be able to tell which note is the bass note, which note is the chord with 4 notes, and even how to read chord charts!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to read a treble clef
  • What different types of music are
  • How to tell what kind of music someone is listening to just by looking at them
  • How to count time in beats, bars, and other divisions

Topics for this course

10h 36m 25s

What Is Music??

Music is everywhere around us - from the morning alarm to a dance mix on your headphones. Tune into this lesson to learn what all the different types of music are, and how you can tell what kind of music someone is listening to just by looking at them.

Notes and Notation?

Notes are what make music sound beautiful, but there's a lot of tricks to understanding them. In this lesson, learn everything about notes, including what all the different kinds are and how they are written.

The Rhythm of Music?

What makes music sound beautiful? Rhythm! In this lesson, learn what rhythm is and how it helps make the song you're listening to. Learn about beats and how to count them, as well as about other ways that time is divided in the music.

More About Notes?

Figuring out notes is the first step to understanding music, but it can be confusing. In this lesson, learn how you can tell an octave apart and what a rest is.

Notes and Repetition?

Notes help to shape the music we listen to, but there's another mark that is just as important: repetition. In this lesson, learn what a mark of repetition looks like and how it can be used to shape a piece of music.

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This is a very extensive and thorough course on web development taught by an excellent and passionate teacher. Angela explains difficult concepts in a simple way and actually takes the time to explain the code she writes

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