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Creative Writing Through Storytelling


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September 28, 2021



This course will help students build creative writing and storytelling skills through the use of digital and social media and focus on Internet-based collaborative practices.

This course is designed to stimulate creativity in its practical, cultural and methodological dimensions. The practical dimension means that you will learn about techniques for creativity (Steps Method) while exploring different forms of producing content (writing, drawing, video editing).

The cultural dimension means that you will learn how to bring creativity into various art forms and contexts (known as creative industries) such as music, fashion, and social media. Finally, the methodological part of the course introduces you to a variety of methods for managing knowledge through digital literacies or design thinking methodologies.

During this course, you will familiarize yourself with the concept of creativity and how to develop your creative side through different methods. You will also learn about social media strategies for building awareness of your brand online and the power of storytelling in social media marketing.

You will then apply these concepts to real-world challenges using techniques that are readily applicable in the workplace. By the end of the course, you will have a business card with your name and contact information on it that doubles as an electronic-business card (e-card).

What Will I Learn?

  • Applicable skills for current or future career
  • Can be used to gain entry into creative industries
  • Applicable methods for problem-solving and decision-making
  • Applicable methods for creative thinking
  • Personal branding

Topics for this course

22h 15m 29s

Introduction to the course – what is creativity, what is storytelling??

Creativity and storytelling are not the same thing. Although storytelling is an act of creativity, it does not involve only artistic forms. On the other hand, there are many kinds of creativity that do not tell stories or narratives (e.g., scientific discovery, mathematical thinking). By studying creativity and storytelling in the context of social media writing, you will learn techniques for creative writing and business communication.

Writing basics – grammar and vocabulary?

Grammar and vocabulary are the basis of all written communication. Learning how to use these tools correctly will help you become a better writer and speaker, as well as allow you to communicate more effectively and persuasively with your audience.

Creative writing using the Steps Method?

This method will help you to develop your creative writing skills by exploring different forms of content creation. You can apply this method to other parts of the curriculum as well. By studying the different steps of the method you will become more proficient at creative writing. You will also learn about depth, finding inspiration and how to develop your creative side.

Exploring creative writing styles?

There are many writing styles that are used in different contexts online. By learning about the different genres of writing, you will be able to communicate more effectively with your audience.

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This is a very extensive and thorough course on web development taught by an excellent and passionate teacher. Angela explains difficult concepts in a simple way and actually takes the time to explain the code she writes

This course is quite comprehensive when compared with other courses available on this platform that is why I bought it. It is packed full with amazing content and like the description, it did make me full stack web developer.

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