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Making Music with Other People

This course will teach you how to make music with others. You will use a free software called “Audacity” and a methodical strategy called “Music Production in Mind.” Welcome to our new course “Making Music with Other People”! This course will teach you how to make music with others. You will use a free software […]

The Power of Podcast for Storytelling

This course has been developed for both students and professionals and is taught online, making it possible to participate from anywhere in the world. It is a Graduate Certificate (specialist) course and will assume participants have prior knowledge of storytelling. The student is responsible for organizing their own learning program outside the formal teaching periods, […]

Fashion and Luxury Fashion in a Changing World

In this course, you will learn about the forces of change at work in the fashion and luxury industry as well as their impact on society. You will also acquire an understanding of how and why the fashion and luxury sector has taken a leading role in issues such as sustainable development, fair trade, and […]

Creative Writing Through Storytelling

This course will help students build creative writing and storytelling skills through the use of digital and social media and focus on Internet-based collaborative practices. This course is designed to stimulate creativity in its practical, cultural and methodological dimensions. The practical dimension means that you will learn about techniques for creativity (Steps Method) while exploring […]

Improving The Accessibility Of Your Markdown

This course will teach you some basics of Markdown, an easy-to-learn markup language which can be used with many writing applications. Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to write using Markdown. This course can be used for self-study or as a course in our learning platform. You will learn valuable knowledge which you […]

Build Your Media and Public Presence

Do you want to increase the visibility of your work and grow your influence? This course will help you realize that your personal brand is just as important as your work. You will learn how to develop your ideas into media presentations, and you will understand how to use social media platforms in order to […]

Product Manager Learn the Skills & Job

This course offers a complete overview of product management. It contains all the essential information you need to know in order to be able to make a career as a Product Manager. All the lessons are given completely free and you can also get a certificate at no cost, without exams. Why should you enroll […]

The Business Intelligence Analyst Course

This course will teach you all you need to know about BI, from the basics of data, reporting, and analytics through to advanced topics like predictive analytics. You’ll learn how to apply BI to a real-life business case study. BI – Business intelligence is the process of deriving meaning from data by analyzing and interpreting […]

Strategy Law and Organization Foundation

In this course, you will learn the basics of strategy, law, and organization design. The first part of this course is about strategic management and core concepts such as business strategy, corporate social responsibility, and key trends in strategic management. To understand the complexity of organizations you will learn about Stackelberg’s game theory, agency theory, […]

Basic Mathematics – God Algebra Equation

This course is an introduction to God Algebra Equation. It focuses on the properties and equations of integers, prime numbers, Fibonacci, magic squares, and other topics. Lectures are short, to the point, and easy to understand. This course is about understanding numbers. It teaches how to solve numeric equations and inequalities, in addition to properties […]